Dr. Nelson has years of experience as an addiction counselor and substance abuse professional. He was also the clinical trainer for Rosecrance, a nationally respected substance use and co-occurring treatment center, prior to going into private practice. So, Dr. Nelson knows how to help those struggling with compulsive behaviors and those who care about them. Problematic compulsive behaviors often involve chemicals or behaviors that spike dopamine levels in the brain. Dr. Nelson shares his expertise and trains his staff to help clients and loved ones to deal effectively with compulsive behaviors. Compulsions often affect the entire family. Compulsions can make normal loving people seem insane and make loved ones feel confused, angry, and powerless. Compulsions include chemicals like alcohol, marijuana, or opioids. Compulsions can also be behavioral including issues like sex and pornography, gambling, shopping or over-eating. We help stop the destructive behavior(s), identify and resolve the underlying issues, and assist family and loved ones to identify effective ways to be supportive and avoid enabling.